Last Wednesday morning, May 26, Arthur Schaper, director of the conservative organization MassResistance, was harassed by two FBI agents who showed up at his home in suburban Los Angeles and wanted to ask him questions regarding whether he participated in the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol, the organization reported

Schaper heard a knock on his apartment door, so he went to answer it. Two people flashed their FBI agent credentials and, introducing themselves as “special agents,” began asking him questions.

“We’re following up on leads from DC. We’re just curious if you went to DC or if you knew anyone who had gone to DC, and if you would be willing to talk to us about any of that.”

Arthur replied that he had not gone to DC, and he became angry and told them that they are abusing their power and that before answering them he wanted to have a lawyer on his side.

He then asked the agents how they had entered the apartment complex since the key is held only by the residents; they said, “We’re not going to talk to you about that,” so Schaper asked them to get out of there, and they left the place.

That same afternoon the president of the MassResistance organization, Brian Camenker, contacted the FBI offices in Los Angeles and Boston (where the MassResistance headquarters is located) asking for explanations about what happened, and they told him that they were not going to answer him.

Camenker told them that if they wanted to talk to someone from the organization, to contact them by phone, and they will present themselves with a legal advisor.

It should be noted that the organization has openly stated its position on what happened on January 6 at the Capitol. Expressing that the reaction of the Biden administration was exaggerated and that the FBI is not investigating the real culprits of the riots, bent on conservative and pro-Trump citizens, citing the examples of Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani and Bill Binney, among others.

MassResistance has been doing hard work exposing pedophiles who organize drag queen story time events.

One such case is that of a member of a draq queen group called “Space City Sisters,” William Travis Dees, 

This pedophile pervert had intimate access to young children at Houston’s ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ events. 

As discovered by the organization, Dees is listed as a “high risk sex offender” and was convicted and incarcerated in 2004 for molesting 4 children ages 4, 5, 6, and 8.

At the time of conviction, this pedophile was 16 years old, so his registry is not published on government sites and is “sealed,” although it is listed on other sex offender sources.

These ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ events, in which Dees participates greeting the little ones as they arrive, are held at the Houston Public Library.

For the MassResistance organization, this is not an isolated case and is probably far-reaching, as the local group to which this pedophile belongs is part of a national organization.

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