69-year-old Sandra Adams, from North Carolina who was reported missing for five days, was found alive in the woods near her apartment complex. Her family nearly lost hope, but her grandson decided to search one last time and found her, according to WSOCTV.COM.

Adams ‘ family went to check her last Friday morning to find out that she was missing. Although they know that she likes to walk around her complex, they were worried because she was last seen two days ago. They started looking and reported the disappearance to the police.

They almost lost hope in looking, but on the fifth day Adams ‘ grandson, Nate Cassel, and his friend Shawn Willis decided to search one last time. They thought she might be near her apartment somewhere.

“He wanted to go look in the woods,” Willis said that morning he woke up with the same idea: “Let’s go search the woods in the neighborhood.”

Cassel and three of his friends discovered Adams lying face down in the creekbed after hiking about a quarter-mile through the woods behind her apartment. Initially, Cassel thought she wasn’t breathing, so he called his family to call the police.

When the police arrived, everyone was shocked because Adams suddenly raised her arm. After being rescued, she wasn’t able to talk much, but when she regained strength, she told police that she fell as she walked. So, they have ruled out the possibility of involvement in foul play.

Meanwhile, Adams’ family was happy that she was still alive.

Cassel said, “It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing, a big blessing. A miracle. She’s a strong lady.”

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