Every child born is a gift of nature. So it is exceptionally fortunate and rare that a mother from Brooklyn, New York, Jolene Mckee, 32, has given birth to her third set of twins in a row, giving her a total of six children over the past five years.

After welcoming their third set of twins, Aiden and Jaiden, who are now three months old, Mckee and her husband, Andrew, 33, have expanded their family to eight members.

Her family is usually bursting with childish giggling. Healthy twins with a wide range of personalities and characteristics are exceedingly happy and fortunate.

Peyton and Paige are five years old, Abigail and Andrew are three, and Aiden and Jaiden are the newest members of Jolene and Andrew’s family. They’re all fraternal twins, which means they’re not identical.

Jolene Mckee, 32, and her husband, Andrew, 33, with their six children in 2021.
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The mother of six says having six children from three pregnancies has been a joy, and she considers it her mission.

Mckee said: “I never envisioned myself with a big family. I thought I’d only have maybe one or two kids. I feel so lucky that we have all three combinations too, girl twins, boy-girl twins and now our boy twins. It worked out perfectly.”

She also shared more about her previous difficult time giving birth.
“Before I fell pregnant with the eldest set of twins, Peyton and Paige, I had previously suffered a miscarriage and three months later I discovered I was pregnant again. It was beautiful.”

Mckee explained that all of her pregnancies went pretty well, but being pregnant while simultaneously being an active mother was different the second and third time around, reported Daily Mail.

“After falling pregnant for the third time, I was 100 percent sure it couldn’t be another set of twins. I thought it would definitely be just one baby.

“So when we found out it was twins for the third time, we were in shock. The doctor was just as shocked as us.

“He said that in 25 years he had never seen a woman have three sets of twins.”

Mckee claimed that she has so many pairs of twins because she has a hyperactive uterus, leading her to release two eggs at once.

Mother’s hand cossets baby’s feet.

She said: “Each child has their own different personalities, and although they’re twins, they each have their own little buddies.

“My favorite thing is watching them grow and progress. It really warms my heart. People can’t believe that all of the kids are ours.

“Because we are quite young, they don’t understand how we can have so many kids. When we explain the story, they are in disbelief. They find it fascinating.

“Organization is challenging with six kids, and it takes a lot to enforce a good schedule. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the laundry too. I do at least six loads of washing each week.

“But all the kids are really close and get on very well. I love our family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Taking care of six children is not easy. However, a mother’s love is holy and wonderful.

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