Hundreds of demonstrators participated in a pro-Palestinian protest in Brooklyn, New York, last weekend, chanting “We don’t want two states, we want it all” and “There is only one solution, intifada revolution.” Other violent chants expressed support for Palestinian liberation using “any means to achieve it.”

According to Breitbart reports, the riot was on Saturday afternoon, July 31, and was attended by hundreds of protesters organized by the radical anti-Israel group Within Our Lifetime (WOL). 

The protest aimed to “honor the martyrs of Palestine” by “globalizing” the intifada (violent revolt carried out by Palestinians in Israel), according to the New York-based Palestinian pro-terrorist groups website.

“We will never stop fighting for Palestine until all of the land is liberated from the river to the sea,” the group wrote in its call to protest. 

During the protest, demonstrators marched behind three large banners, “Globalize the intifada,” “Zionism is terrorism,” and “We will liberate Palestine in our lifetime.”

During Saturday’s demonstration, protesters chanted, “We don’t want two states, we want it all,” referring to the two-state solution that has formed the basis of peace proposals.

Emily Schrader, a columnist for the Jerusalem Post, uploaded a video of the demonstration to her Twitter account, and in the post, she wrote:

“Openly chanting to destroy Israel in the streets of America. Sorry, but these people are no different than the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. This is the byproduct of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.”

According to the WOL website, the calls to “globalize the intifada” are part of a new campaign to support the violent struggle against the Jewish state and elevate it to a global scale.

“This call [to globalize the Intifada] is rooted in direct action and driven by the belief that all colonized and oppressed people have the right to take back their land, to realize self-determination, and to win their liberation by any means necessary [emphasis added],” the site reads. 

The site asserts that peoples, including Palestine, must “free themselves from the genocidal control of U.S. imperialism and Zionism.” Somehow holding the U.S. responsible for Israel’s alleged oppression of the Palestinian community. 

“We too must amplify the spirit of Palestine Liberation in the belly of the beast [America] by linking arms with all those who are confronting U.S. and Israeli aggression globally,” the website goes on to say.

The site’s content shows a clear leftist ideological charge, seeking to impose the idea that all the ills suffered by the Palestinian people are based purely and exclusively on U.S. capitalism and the decisions of its ally Israel. 

In this sense, it can be read that they state: “We fight against the creditor class, the landowners, the police, the prison industry, the tear gas manufacturers, the multinational corporations, the mining companies and the military defense complex.”

In May, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the so-called Gaza Strip has sparked a growing wave of violent anti-Semitism in the United States and elsewhere worldwide. It is contradictory that anti-Semitic actions and violence against Jews are generally driven by leftist sectors who claim to defend equality and fight against discrimination and racism. 

From New York and California to Illinois and Utah, the recent conflict between Israel and Gaza has generated a disturbing backlash against American Jews, who have become the target of death threats, hate speech, and violent physical attacks, Fox News reported.

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