Derek Carr will have to continue the 2021 season without former head coach Jon Gruden. The National Football League investigation into the Washington Football Team discovered emails from Gruden, forcing him to resign. Gruden’s emails revealed racist, homophobic and bigoted comments that spanned years.

The debate has shifted and taken over the NFL as a result of the probe. Gruden was not the only one who sent these kinds of emails. Derek Carr thinks the NFL should take a proactive approach to expose discriminatory acts, New York Post reports.

Derek Carr believes that the NFL should make everyone’s private emails public.

“If we just started opening up everybody’s private emails and texts, people would start sweating a little bit. … Hopefully not too many,” Carr said on Wednesday. “But maybe that’s what they should do for all coaches and GMs and owners from now on, is open up. You’ve got to open up everything. See what happens.”

In the investigation into Washington, the NFL discovered 650,000 emails. But, despite public pressure, they have yet to reveal the emails to the public.

The emails were discovered as part of a New York Times investigation into the Washington Football Team, which was involved in a scandal over widespread workplace misconduct. Gruden had sent the emails to Bruce Allen, then the Washington GM.

Gruden used homophobic slurs in his emails, as well as topless photographs of cheerleaders and ripped female officials, among other offenses.

When asked how he felt about Gruden after his resignation, Carr responded,

“I love the man, you hate the sin. No one’s perfect.”

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