Physicians from the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) reject the American Medical Association’s (AMA) request to remove the designation of “male” and “female” from birth certificates, stating that “Sex is a Biological Trait of Medical Significance.”

As reported by Breitbart, through a statement he posted on Twitter on Thursday, August 5, ACPeds expressed blunt criticism against AMA’s position, saying:

“The AMA is receiving warranted criticism after it called for removing sex markers on birth certificates, with an advisory committee arguing that their inclusion ‘perpetuates a view that [sex] is immutable.”

The AMA board of directors had drafted a resolution to remove the designation of a newborn’s sex on the birth certificate because it could prevent a later decision to identify with another gender.

In June, the controversy began when the AMA board of trustees issued a recommendation that said: ”Current AMA policy recognizes that every person has the right to determine his or her gender identity and sex designation on government documents. To protect individual privacy and prevent discrimination, U.S. jurisdictions should remove the sex designation on the birth certificate.”

The board’s decision aligns with the increasingly vocal campaign by LGBT activists for “gender identity” to replace and erase biological sex, a fact that is bringing a barrage of criticism. 

Michelle Cretella, executive director of ACPeds and co-author of the document challenging the American Medical Association, asserted that “Identifying sex on the public portion of the birth certificate affirms the scientific fact that sex is an innate and immutable binary trait of public significance; a trait determined by genetics at fertilization.”

“Genetics—not wishful thinking and not only testosterone—is what makes males male,” Cretella added, explaining that in general, males are bigger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive than females. 

“Genetics is why a male who self-identifies as female remains male, and explains why giving estrogen to a male does not transform him into a biological female,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Artigues, ACPeds vice president and co-author of the statement, said the AMA ruling contradicts the scientific facts:

“Due to genetics males are different from females at the cellular level from fertilization. Biological sex differences due to genetics and sex hormones affect the tendency to develop certain diseases, alter responses to drugs, toxins and pain, and also cause important physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral differences between the two sexes,” he said.

Because of this scientific truth, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognizes sex as a binary biological variable in medical research and practice.

ACPeds is an organization of 500 pediatricians and health professionals, according to the group’s website. And the science-based conclusion reached by the member pediatricians is that “sex markers belong in the public portion of birth certificates because acknowledging the innate differences between males and females in health care and public policy is critical to ensuring the health and safety of children and adults alike.”

Another who voiced strong criticism of the AMA recommendation was Dr. Julio Gonzalez, a Republican physician, lawyer, and politician, a former member of the Florida House of Representatives, who expressed that physicians need an organization that advocates for the improvement of medical practices and their delivery, rather than for “misguided and fashionable” social causes.

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