A six-month-old Rottweiler puppy named, Milo, was badly attacked by a Mastiff and near death in a Wilmington dog park on June 23.

Due to serve injuries, Milo had to have his legs amputated following the attack 

Milo’s owner, Kathleen Ramunno, told ABC that the dog who attacked Milo was massive, and ferociously went after Milo.

“The dog let go just long enough for Milo to get away and he ran and hid under one of the benches. He couldn’t even use his leg,” Ramunno said.

The owner of the Mastiff dog was found, but Ramunno said she disconnected her phone after learning the cost of Milo’s care.

“We thought she was on the up and up, she took full responsibility.  She had texted my daughter that day: ‘I’m going to take full responsibility; this was my fault.’ She said that over speaker with the vet there.”

But within 10 minutes of finding out that Milo’s initial emergency vet bill was upwards of $800, Ramunno said she ghosted her.

A GoFundMe was set to help Ramunno pay Milo’s medical bills, raising nearly $6,000 so far.

The Mastiff and its owner faced a dangerous-dog hearing and they “will be held accountable, she is going to have to go before a judge; there are going to be fines that she has to pay,” said Ramunno. 

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