A search warrant was executed at Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s residence on Wednesday, May 19, by New York State Police (NYSP).

According to a CBS TV affiliate in Rochester, her spouse, Timothy Granison, was the goal of a police investigation conducted at her house, and he has been arrested.

“The New York State Police today executed a search warrant at 93 Woodman Park in the city of Rochester, which is the residence of Mayor Lovely Warren. The search warrant is part of an ongoing criminal investigation, and no other details are available at this time,” NYSP verified the raid.

Authorities were seen outside Warren’s house holding a blue plastic container and many black sacks, the Rochester City Newspaper reported.

Police also taped off the house, and traffic was rerouted away from it.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported that Granison had previously spent five years in jail for his part in a 1997 armed jewelry robbery.

Warren is running for re-election as a Democrat, with a primary contest next month, and according to an NBC affiliate, a spokesperson for the county district attorney stated that Wednesday’s investigation was unrelated to Warren’s indictment on election funding allegations in October 2020 when she was charged with two felony counts of violating campaign funding laws.

The crimes assigned to her are first-degree fraud and violation of election law, for which she could be sentenced from one to four years, said the local Rochester First media on Oct. 2.

The New York State Board of Elections conducted an investigation that resulted in the transfer of $30,000 from Warren’s Political Action Committee (PAC) to another of her campaign groups. That activity is prohibited in New York State.

“We all want our elections to be run fair and these are laws on the books to allow and ensure that people who are entering political office follow the rules so that there is equal access to everyone,” Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said.

She also considered the consequences for Warren of her crimes, if found guilty.

“While Warren would be unlikely to be incarcerated, her pension could be forfeited if the matter is determined to be a crime related to public office, and she also could lose her law license,” USA Today reported. Warren has not been arrested but will be prosecuted, according to Doorley.

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