On Tuesday, May 18, Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York mayor and Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, formalized his candidacy for New York governor and promised to give Andrew Cuomo a fight to make New York state great again, according to Fox News.

Giuliani told the network: “I’m in,” showing that he is willing to face and defeat the current governor of New York in next year’s elections.

The former mayor’s son intends to turn New York back into the best state in the U.S.; he assured that if New Yorkers elect him as governor, he will bring “New York back from the precipice of ruin to the shining state on the hill once again.”

In turn, he describes the contest as “the fight of the century.”

Andrew told The New York Post that he is a politician out of the womb, and it’s in his DNA, referencing being the son of the former mayor of New York.

Evidence of his words was on record when his father was sworn in as Mayor of New York, the then-baby Andrew also pledged to the city in a tender and comical moment.

He made this decision at the age of 35. After working for four years as a White House advisor in the Trump administration, he is confident that he can defeat Cuomo despite being the first time running for public office, assuring that he will be the “57th governor of New York.”

His campaign will be focused on bringing change to New York, with policies benefiting police, business, and schooling.

The current governor, Andrew Cuomo, runs for a fourth term and is being strongly questioned as ten women filed sexual harassment complaints against him.

Another issue that keeps him in the eye of the storm is the revelation that he concealed deaths in nursing homes. Andrew Giuliani criticized him for a March 2020 edict, in which he forced nursing homes to receive covid patients discharged from hospitals. 

Andrew Giuliani referred to this situation with these words:

“It was Andrew Cuomo’s actions that killed 9,000 seniors in New York nursing homes. He should have resigned.”

He also said Cuomo did not want to use the Javits Center or the USS Comfort ship to house seniors with covid because he did not want to give Trump “a political victory.”

Before competing with Cuomo, Giuliani will have to prevail in the GOP primary. His competitors would be Rep. Lee Zeldin, who already has the support of many Republican leaders, and Rob Astorino, who already lost to Cuomo in 2014.

“I think we have the best chance to win if I am the Republican candidate in November,” said the younger Giuliani showing all his confidence.

It is no small fact that Republicans have not won a governorship in New York since George Pataki won his third term in 2002.

Andrew, who graduated from Duke University in 2009 and was a professional golfer for five years, believes that his father was the best mayor of New York in its history and perhaps of the entire United States.

He also assures that he has the support of his father and some of his top advisors. 

Regarding Trump, he said he encouraged him to run in the Republican primaries to attract more excitement and attention.

After working four years in the White House Liaison Office for Trump, Giuliani promises to carry on the president’s legacy and bring his successes to New York.

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