Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), reacted angrily to Democrats’ call for more gun control in the aftermath of mass shootings.

Kennedy said that these assassinations were horrific. They were a complete nightmare. He is reminded, however, that the United States of America is a large nation. We have freedom, and one of the costs of that freedom is that certain people will always take advantage of it. Risk is a part of freedom. We must, however, focus on how to manage that risk. You won’t be able to put an end to the murders until the murderers are apprehended. But getting rid of all sober drivers won’t stop drunk drivers, as many of his Democratic colleagues want to do with the Second Amendment.

He went on to say that in his opinion, we do not need more gun control. More idiot control is required. How do we go about doing that? The Republicans, have already tried. Sens Chuck Grassley and Ted Cruz introduced legislation to improve our national database. In the United States, gun ownership is regulated. You must first run a name through a database if you have been convicted of certain offenses, have a history of violence, or are mentally ill, and want to buy a gun. There is an issue that the database is riddled with flaws. When it comes to sending in the names many federal and state agencies are sloppy. Kennedy supports that Grassley and Cruz’s bill would have tightened the database and targeted people who shouldn’t have weapons.

“Do you know why the bill didn’t pass?” Kennedy inquired.

It was filibustered by many of his Democratic colleagues. Now, what you’ll discover if you go far enough down the rabbit hole. Many of, if not all, his Democratic colleagues do not support the Second Amendment. Obviously, they don’t. We’ve heard it in terms of police officers, he’s implying. In other words, the Democratic stance is that if a bad guy shoots a police officer, the problem is the gun. It is the officer’s fault if he shoots a bad guy. We wouldn’t have any standards at all if it weren’t for the double standards here.

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