Mihrigul Tursun is a Muslim woman from the Uighur minority. She currently resides in the United States, after escaping from the Chinese regime in 2018 where she was repeatedly imprisoned simply for practicing her religion. During an interview, she recounted in detail her ordeal in concentration camps where she was repeatedly tortured and one of her three children was killed. 

Tursun spoke to Breitbart News on Friday, November 12, during an event in front of the White House seeking to pressure President Joe Biden to act against the genocide of the Uighur people in her native East Turkestan by the Chinese Communist regime (CCP).

Tursun arrived in the United States in September 2018, where she became a human rights activist. At various events across the country, Tursun tells her moving story seeking to raise awareness and garner support to confront the terrible persecution of her people in China.

According to her story, after doing her studies in Egypt, in 2015 she decided to return with her family to East Turkestan (Xinjiang) since she already had 3 children and needed help from her parents to continue her professional career. 

But there began a real nightmare when the authorities of the CCP locked her up in a forced labor camp along with the youngest of her children and tens of thousands of other Uighurs who suffered the same fate. 

“In 2015, after being in prison three months, one of my kids passed away because the Chinese government wanted to give them surgery. I don’t know what surgery,” Tursun recalled. “I don’t know what they’re doing to my son. He passed away. Because my one kid passed away, they let me stay freely in my parents’ home to take care of the other two kids.”

She could never know for sure how her young son passed away.

But at home, the nightmare did not end. According to Tersun, members of the CCP spied on her around the clock, she could not use the Internet or her cell phone, she could not leave her house and, of course, she was not allowed to practice her religion. 

As if all this had not been enough, in 2017 she was again imprisoned in a concentration camp.

“At that time they took me to jail and wanted to ask me a lot of questions. They were there for three days and three nights, answering questions non-stop. I couldn’t sleep, they tortured me with electricity on my head,” she narrated. “They cut my hair, tortured me electrically and gave me to take some medicine that led me to answer. I don’t know what medicine this is.”

Such was the extent of the beatings that Tursun completely lost the hearing in her right ear.

Finally, that same year, she managed to escape from hell to Egypt, from where she managed to go into exile in the United States, where she lives to this day. 

The murder of babies by the Chinese regime, like the one Tursun suffered, is commonplace in the Xinjiang area due to the government’s strong policy of forced family planning. 

While Tursun’s case is more striking because it involves a full-grown child, reports indicate that forced abortions and the murder of newborn babies are rife in the region. 

A former nurse who fled the Chinese communist regime confessed in June of this year that newborn babies are killed through lethal injection to enforce CCP family planning against Uighurs, and other horrors she witnessed.

Shemsinur Abdighafur is a doctor of traditional Uighur medicine and worked as an operating room nurse in several hospitals in the Xinjiang area. This year she testified at the Uighur Court in London, where she claimed to have witnessed, on numerous occasions, forced abortions, sterilizations, and the murder of newborn babies through lethal injection, according to the Bitter Winter portal.

“In my time working in hospitals, sometimes we could hear some babies being born and they would start crying and so we knew they were alive. But we knew that all the babies would receive the injection, so we knew they would die before they got home,” said the nurse, who decided to speak out despite threats from the CCP.

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