Tony Bobulinski alleges he met with former Vice President Joe Biden at the Milken Conference in May 2107. The Biden family invited him to discuss a business deal with a major Chinese company linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Biden stated to Bobulinski that he wouldn’t be running for president in 2020 and joked he would be “in a walker” by then.

His remarks had come to the fore after Bobulinski made a statement of having met with Biden for an hour to discuss the Chinese deal before he spoke at the event, reported Breitbart.

Bobulinski’s account of the meeting calls Biden out, as he has denied having any knowledge of his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

Biden told reporters in 2019, “I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses. Period.”

According to Bobulinski, the China deal was intended to become a joint venture between the “Biden family” and CEFC China Energy Co.

Bobulinski had agreed to be the CEO of the joint venture company, named Sinohawk.

Bobulinski confirmed in a press statement last week and Tucker Carlson of Fox News Tuesday evening, Oct. 27, that 10 percent of the equity was to be held for the “big guy”—Joe Biden.

That information was reported by the New York Post in a bombshell revelation last week.

However, the deal fell through, and $5 million meant to have funded the business went to an account controlled by Hunter Biden, Bobulinski said last Thursday. A recent U.S. Senate investigation had uncovered this, said Bobulinski, commenting that was the first he knew of it.

And, as Breitbart News reported, vice presidential hopeful Harris’s name has been connected to the growing scandal: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was listed as one of several “key domestic contacts” for a Chinese business venture proposed in 2017 by Hunter Biden and James Biden, the son, and brother of former Vice President Joe Biden, respectively.

A separate deal by CEFC to buy 14 percent of Russia’s state oil company, Rosneft, was the cause of the deal failing, said Bobulinski, who also discovered Hunter Biden was acting as the “personal attorney” of CEFC chair Ye Jianming during the company’s effort to buy a stake in Rosneft.

Corruption in CEFC was exposed, leading to their downfall.

Bobulinski, in an interview with “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” said he raised concerns in 2017 to the former vice president’s brother Jim Biden, about Joe Biden’s alleged ties to a possible joint venture with a Chinese energy firm.

“I remember saying, ‘How are you guys getting away with this?’ ‘Aren’t you concerned?’” he told Carlson.
He claims that Jim Biden chuckled.

“‘Plausible deniability,’ he said it directly to me in a cabana at the Peninsula Hotel,” said Bobulinski.

The Department of Justice has officially confirmed the legitimacy of the emails, photos, videos, and other damning evidence on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Still, despite this, mainstream media has blocked any coverage of it.

NPR, a taxpayer-funded news outlet last week, indicated this in a tweet, “Why haven’t you seen any stories from NPR about the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story,” the tweet said. “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste listeners’ and readers’ time on that stories that are just pure distractions.”

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