The Trump campaign sent a request to Twitter to label a video posted by Joe Biden’s campaign as “Manipulated media,” about a clip that takes President Trump’s words out of context, but the company refused to do so. 

In the video posted by the Biden campaign on social networks, Trump can be heard saying, “The coronavirus, this is the new hoax.”

But actually, Trump in his original comments did not say “this is their new hoax” immediately after saying “coronavirus,” as the ad does. The comment about “the hoax” was made several sentences later, in reference to the media, and how they covered his impeachment, not specifically referring to the CCP Virus.

The Trump campaign was quick to ask Twitter to use the same label it has placed on many of the President’s posts, often unfounded, that reads “manipulated media.” 

According to Fox News, after contacting Twitter about this issue, the company decided that it would not label the video as “manipulated media.”

Trump campaign spokesman Matt Wolking expressed his displeasure in a statement against the Biden campaign: “Joe Biden relies on lies and fabrications and doctored videos to attack President Trump’s phenomenal handling of the deadly virus unleashed by China,” adding, “Slow Joe can’t name a single thing he would have done differently if he had been president, other than refusing to restrict travel from China, which would have resulted in more dead Americans.”

There is no logical explanation for Twitter’s refusal to label the Biden clip as manipulated media, other than there is an intentional bias toward the Democratic candidate. While Twitter allows any kind of publication to be placed on the Biden campaign, it is rigid about labeling any video uploaded by Trump as “manipulated information.” 

On Wednesday, President Trump posted a blatant parody on his Twitter account of Biden apparently dancing “[Expletive] Tha Police,” and minutes later it was labeled “manipulated information.”

In contrast to the tweet published by President Trump in a joking tone, the video published by the Biden campaign lies to deceive people about Trump’s true thinking about the CCP Virus and is evidently done in complicity with Twitter, which makes the situation much worse. 

According to the controversial video, Trump in private chats admits the seriousness of the CCP Virus, but in public, he gently and indifferently addresses it in an attempt to minimize it. This is not true at all. Just to give a few examples, Trump called the virus a “tough killer” on March 21 and named it a “plague” at a White House press conference on April 1.

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