Endless riots in several U.S. cities are promoting a “culture of lawlessness” that is fueling the confusing messages of Democratic mayors, says former prosecutor and anchor Trey Gowdy.

For Gowdy, the messages of the Democratic mayors are contradictory, and they themselves have lost sight of the fact that the most important thing in the face of looters is to stop them so that officials can enforce justice, according to an Aug. 10 Fox News interview.

“The best prosecutor in the world won’t win a case if there is not an arrest,” Gowdy said. “There ain’t a prosecutor in the world that can win a case without arrest and without evidence,” he said.

Likewise, in the “culture of lawlessness,” looters expect only one reason to initiate destruction, “We have a good shoot over here, so let’s go break in unrelated businesses,” seems to be the motto of the saboteurs, Gowdy said.

Gowdy presented as an example of the confusion he attributes to Democratic mayors what happened in Portland, where anarchist violence was not controlled by local police, forcing the Department of Justice (DOJ) to send federal agents to protect the nation’s assets.

This action led to protests accusing the DOJ of invasion and excessive use of force, which is why the violence of the protesters allegedly continued, but after the federal agents left, the unrest continued.

As expressions of this “culture of lawlessness” the discourse of the protesters and mayors are very similar when referring to the police.

“When you listen to the mayors and you listen to these alleged leaders, it’s hard to tell the difference between the looters and the rioters and the way they talk about cops,” Gowdy said.

The cancel culture would be very close to the “culture of anarchy,” only applied in the field of social networking, and sharing the same destructive characteristics.

Cancel culture

Thus, Adonis Hoffman, analyst, and strategist of public policy in the United States define the most outstanding aspects of the cancel culture, in an opinion article of Aug. 10.

“While cancellation may seek to stifle speech, it causes social and economic destruction as well. It projects permanence and public shame for its targets whether deserved or not. And it promotes a kind of techno tyranny against which we all should be vigilant,” warns Hoffman.

In this other form of anarchy, it is no longer principles or truth that count, but the preferences of those who manipulate “hate speech.”

“Whether Left, Right, Black, or White it makes no difference. Because all it takes is access to social media,” Hoffman adds.

Despite all this, despite the advance of these movements that generate negative effects in society, when someone responds adequately it can substantially change the results.

An example of this was the results of the boycott promoted by leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) against the food producer Goya, for the simple fact that its director thanked President Donald Trump for the benefits offered to the Latino community.

Contrary to what Ocasio-Cortez expected, Goya’s sales tripled because of the support it received from those who did not join the cancel culture promoted by AOC.

Without ignoring the considerable damage caused by the “culture of lawlessness” or the cancel culture, it also tends to generate a growing rejection among the population that ends up turning against its promoters and the ideas it try to impose.

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