A lengthy report accuses Britain’s most prestigious universities of selling high-end military technology to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in severe violation of national security and human rights laws, the Daily Mail reported.

The report titled Inadvertently arming China? The Chinese military complex and its possible exploitation of scientific research at UK universities published by Civitas, an institute for the study of civil society, analyzes in detail the CCP’s infiltration of at least 14 of the country’s 24 most prestigious universities.

The report states that the universities’ scientific discoveries are helping the CCP develop hypersonic missiles, radar jamming systems, robotics, spacecraft and stealth vehicles.

Radomir Tylecote, lead author of the study and a former Treasury official said, ” British taxpayers are paying for research that might unintentionally help China’s military soon attain a potentially dominant position.”

The universities of Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham, and Imperial College London are among the institutions the report claims are handing over ‘pioneering British technology’ to Chinese companies, many of these connected to the CCP’s People’s Liberation Army.

The report states that the British state security agency, MI6, along with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are investigating these colleges for violating regulations on the export of military goods.

Manchester, Cambridge, and Imperial College London

The University of Manchester recently canceled a contract with China Electronics Technology Corporation after being notified that it was supplying technology platforms and applications used by CCP for mass surveillance of Uighurs in the Xinjiang region.

The report elaborates that China Electronics Technology Corporation responsible for the Chinese Communist Party’s state surveillance system (social credit system) has ties with at least seven British universities from which it has ‘profited’ extensively.

Civitas claims that the University of Manchester directly provided a tax-paid “research center” to “China’s largest nuclear missile conglomerate.”

Cambridge University has cooperative programs with the National University of Defense Technology, a military-run research institution that has been sanctioned by the United States.

Imperial College London, meanwhile, has three research units sponsored by major Chinese weapons manufacturers.

While all these universities claim that cooperation with Beijing is part of their development programs with the rest of the world, the problem lies in the real intentions of the Chinese communist regime, which uses these programs to strengthen itself and use them for nefarious purposes.

The origin

British universities receive up to US$2.34 billion (1.7 billion pounds) per year in tuition and research funding from Chinese students who act as liaisons between the two countries.

This phenomenon has resulted in British institutions seeking funding from the CCP, and this is where the gap is exploited.

Lianchao Han, a former CCP official and now democracy activist, said, “China has invented all kinds of programs from inviting Western professors to lecture in the country through to hiring them for consulting work and funding joint research projects between universities.”

He said, “These schemes enable it to acquire dual-use technologies for both civilian and military gain and build a formidable army. Sadly, most Western universities and research institutions are shortsighted and still fail to see China’s [CCP’s] strategic intent.”

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