After an explosion in Georgia, a mob erupted in jubilation as a baby was pulled out alive from the wreckage of a fallen five-story block of apartments.

On Friday morning, October 8, a crowd of people—including firefighters and local citizens—gathered around a portion of a fallen residential structure in Batumi, a Black Sea resort.

What looks to be a chunk of concrete was then seen being lifted by the crowd before a baby, draped in a blanket, is lifted from the gap and handed to a fireman.

The crowd erupted in applause and cheers when they realized the infant was alive, creating a moment of hope.

A six-year-old child was also saved from a parked car near the fallen building that had been struck by a massive concrete panel.

An older adult was rescued from the apartment block’s upper floors. There were several cars that were nearly totally submerged in the rubble.

One man stuck beneath the wreckage called rescuers and said he thought he had a fractured leg.

“I can breathe,” shouted another man from beneath the rubble, according to the Daily Mail.

A gas explosion is thought to be the reason for the residential structure’s partial collapse.

It was unknown whether any individuals died as a result of the incident.

According to residents, the five-story structure was constructed during the Soviet era, but two additional stories were erected a few years ago. In the collapsed section of the building, there are a total of 12 flats.

“Between 10 and 15 people are still under the ruins, two of whom we have been able to contact,” Interior Minister Vajtang Gomelauri said in a statement.

According to the Interior Ministry, additional firefighters, rescuers, and special equipment have been dispatched to Batumi.

“According to initial reports, the entrance of the residential building collapsed,” the ministry stated according to Euronews. “At the moment, the area is being cleared of rubble and active search and rescue operations are underway.”

“An investigation has been launched into the destruction, the information about the injured is being clarified,” the agency added. 

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