Most recently, Dominic Raab, British Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom told the media that he will not attend the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Europe and other countries are still discussing this topic.

In an interview with Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC) on December 5th, Raab made it clear that he would not participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics. He also stated that the boycott of the Winter Olympics was out of concerns about the CCP’s violation of human rights.

When asked whether other UK ministers took the same position, Raab said that he could not speak for someone else, but he would definitely not participate.

When he was Secretary of State, Raab pushed through the Global Magnitsky Act in the UK aiming to punish actions against human rights.

Before this, the Minister of Sports, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and President of Lithuania, the European and American Prime Ministers, announced that they would not attend the Beijing Winter Olympics. 

The UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs also revealed to the media that other government officials have no plans to attend the event. 

The world regards these statements as a disguised declaration of a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics.

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