The death of the last leader of the Soviet Union – Mikhail Gorbachev – has sparked heated debate among Chinese netizens at home and abroad. Many expressed condolences and tributes, others praised Gorbachev’s historic achievements in tearing down the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and bringing peace to the world. Some even called for a Chinese version of “Gorbachev” to appear, prompting CCP network administrators to hastily block related posts.

On the day the CCP announced the date of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party, Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, died at the age of 91. The CCP associated Gorbachev with “learned lessons,” “losing the party, losing the country,” and “disintegration of the Communist Party.” And the assessments about him are nuanced with bad connotations, according to The Epoch Times.

However, it seems that many netizens do not think so, and some are even calling out on Twitter, hoping that characters like Gorbachev will also appear in China.

Others said that there may also be Gorbachev-type characters in the CCP.

Someone even satirized the CCP leaders: “It’s a pity that such a person did not appear in the Heavenly Court (meaning the CCP), otherwise it would end up like Zhao Ziyang. Crazy dictators will call people like him who do things to prevent the destruction of humanity as ‘small pig-headed’. They just bellow every day that Taiwan must be reunified by force.”

Someone praised Gorbachev. On an account named Jackson appeared: “Gorbachev is one of the greatest politicians in modern history. His wise, courageous, and decisive decision was a serious blow to the defeat of the communist dictatorship, and changed the landscape of world politics. My deepest condolences on the passing of Gorbachev! May he pass away safely and peacefully!”

On Weibo, some netizens also boldly expressed their opinions saying things like he was a great statesman. And that he ended the corrupt, privileged and violent Soviet Union.

Others said he was a “politician who put the interests of the people ahead of the interests of the state.”

Someone left a message: “Today, August 31, 2022, the last head of state of the Soviet Union, Mr. Gorbachev, passed away, and I personally express my deep condolences.”

One netizen said: “In a way, he was the most conscientious leader of the Soviet Union and the one who promoted democracy and freedom in the difficult course of human civilization.”

Some people simply left a message that he may rest in peace. Thousands of netizens have liked and expressed similar feelings.

Many netizens also liked a comment that read, “I admire those who are willing to let go of power.”

The Epoch Times made similar comments on Chinese social media that have been blocked.

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