Amid the CCP’s threats of civil and military attacks, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan and met with President Tsai Ing-wen. The “little pink,” Chinese social media youths with blind patriotic sentiments or nationalist youths under the command of the Communist Youth League, were strongly agitated. Some analysts say the incident has General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping facing a “dilemma.”

Before Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the CCP vehemently protested in a warlike tone, and the Chinese military also threatened “not sit idly by,” which angered many little pink groups. Therefore, when Pelosi’s plane landed in Taipei on the evening of Monday, August 2, the little pinks were upset.

According to Sound Of Hope, someone left a note saying, “I don’t think it’s possible to shoot down her plane and it shouldn’t be done. But I think the most humiliating part of this is that we’ve had a plan of action for so long, all kinds of military vehicles have been reported to have been deployed, and we’ve also been spouting a lot of nasty words. The whole world is watching, watching the plane land, even as your two military planes close in.”

Some mainlanders went to government offices and held banners to protest. The banners read, “Protest against government inaction ahead of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, government’s arms crossing is a harbinger of doom.”

Others threw eggs at the government headquarters in Xiamen city, Fujian Province, where the PLA’s live-fire drills took place on July 30, and many military vehicles have also appeared.

RFA news agency posted a video on Twitter saying: “The Chinese government is overwhelmed by Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. [The public criticizes the authorities for their weakness and inaction.] Over the past two days, Pelosi has had a smooth visit to Taiwan and made public speeches in Taiwan to provoke the Chinese government. There have been many complaints about the Chinese government’s weakness on the internet and a video has appeared online. Some people came to protest at government offices.”

In the video, a shirtless man held a banner in front of a government office gate. He was surrounded by several policemen. When the police forced him to clean up and move on, he resisted.

Twitter account @2mmbPkM00IJwIUV mocked: “No wonder the price of eggs has increased recently” with a video showing, on both gates of the headquarters of the Xiamen city government, people stick banners and throw eggs at it, on the ground were broken eggs, the banners on the two gate columns read: The CCP’s Xiamen City People’s Committee, Xiamen City People’s Government, Xiamen City Committee, Fujian Province; Standing Committee of the Xiamen City People’s Congress.”

Deng Yuwen, a China scholar in the United States, published an article in Deutsche Welle (DW) saying that, on China’s internet and social platforms, most people wanted Pelosi to come to Taiwan, the Chinese wanted her to visit Taiwan more than the American people, because this is a rare opportunity for China to control Taiwan. It is conceivable that Beijing’s military action will not meet the expectations of the little pink, how disappointed they will be.

The article pointed out that Xi has been shaping public perception through the so-called discourses and banners about China’s rise and rejuvenation, leading the mainland people to believe that, under his rule, China has become so powerful that it could cost the United States or Taiwan.

The so-called rise of China has become an illusion in the eyes of the people, making them feel deceived.

After Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan, the official media outlet of the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily, said that the U.S. had stepped up efforts to “use Taiwan to control China,” which would push the situation in the Taiwan Strait further and the United States will pay a heavy price; China’s Foreign Ministry said it would impose sanctions on Pelosi and do everything that should be done. The military announced that from August 4 to 7, important military exercises will be carried out in the six waters around Taiwan, including “live fire,” and they are still trying to bring out a tough voice.

Scholar Deng Yuwen said that the lockdown of Shanghai and severe economic recession have made Xi more and more vulnerable, especially when the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is so close. If Xi shows weakness on the Taiwan issue, the Party and its opponents will challenge him. Other leaders may see it as a powerful publicity opportunity, and Xi may not be able to control the situation. All of this makes Xi tough.

Sound Of Hope quoted Taiwanese lawmaker Wang Dingyu as saying that Taiwan is ready for the CCP’s military exercises. He pointed out that the exercises are creating international trouble. They are located near the northeast corner of Taiwan and related to the southwestern islands of Japan. The Taiwanese, Japanese, and U.S. troops stationed in Okinawa will be on high alert. Four U.S. warships including the aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan and USS Tripoli are currently operating nearby.

There are reasons to believe that Xi does not want a small-scale military conflict with the United States before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, scholar Deng Yuwen added. For Xi, ensuring that the upcoming 20th National Congress is successful and that he can be re-elected is a top priority. Stability was the CCP’s main theme during this period.

Deng also pointed out that Xi will face a “dilemma,” if he shows weakness. It will affect the people’s hearts, which will lead to some unfavorable changes for him at the 20th National Congress. However, if there is a military conflict with the U.S. because of his toughness, it will also affect the 20th National Congress and be detrimental to his re-election.

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