The international community is isolating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) more than ever and European countries are increasingly rejecting it, according to Vision Times

China affairs expert Cheng Xiang said Russia’s recent attitude towards the CCP is remarkable.

President Putin even gave a “blockbuster” speech to warn that behind the “radical” and left-wing ideological trends lies the Marxist-Leninist dogma that Russia has long abandoned, but this romantic trend is now destroying America.

Cheng Xiang described Putin’s speech as necessary.

Putin denies military alliance with CCP

In an online program, Cheng Xiang used “unprecedented isolation” to describe the international situation facing the CCP.

He said, “Europe and NATO are starting to feel the CCP’s threat to this free world. Both see Taiwan as an important bridgehead to be protected [in the war between] the free world and the communist world… If Taiwan is lost, the entire free world will be swallowed up by the CCP.”

Cheng mentioned that Russia’s recent stance towards the CCP is particularly noteworthy. Earlier, Russian President Putin was asked by reporters if he would form a military alliance with China; Mr. Putin replied with disdain and said he had never thought of creating a military partnership with the CCP.

In this regard, CCP Foreign Ministry official Wang Wenbin commented that no good alliance is better than unity. Cheng Xiang described this move by the CCP as very evil, “absolutely shameless,” and emphasized how isolated the CCP is.

Leftist ideology is invading the West

A few days ago, the 18th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club of Russia was held in Sochi. When discussing the international situation, Putin made a powerful speech: He warned the United States that liberal democratic societies in the West were eroded by leftist ideology. Decades ago, Russia was in a similar situation, so he knows the dangers of this ideological trend. But today, it has gradually appeared in the United States.

Cheng specifically quoted two passages of President Putin’s speech. Putin said that the American left supported the so-called “social progress” and believed it could bring humanity a whole new social awakening.

Speaking of this, Putin laughed, “This kind of leftist ideology can be considered new to many Americans and can bring society into a new state. But as Russians, we don’t feel strange at all because Russia has already learned its lesson.”

America’s roots and traditions are being destroyed

Putin went on to say that, after the October Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks believed that they could change the world, not only politically or economically, but most importantly, change their religious virtue and humanity. This ideology destroys traditional values, beliefs, human relationships, including the complete denial of family. It even encourages people to report relatives. “all these unimaginable ways of doing things are carried out in the name of ‘progress.'”

Putin also said that Russians are surprised to see the Marxist-Leninist dogma they abandoned decades ago reappear in many Western societies.

Putin said, “The struggle in the name of freedom and against discrimination has turned aggressive, revealing dogmatism approaching the absurd… Schools and universities cannot even teach Shakespeare’s masterpiece because the poet’s thought is considered backward”.

Commenting on Putin’s statements, Cheng said that many anti-traditional movements in Western society (including anti-sexism, promotion of homosexuality, transgender movement “male to female, female to male,” destroying the monuments of the founders, etc.) are killing the family, completely violating traditional values. 

The so-called “radical” is destroying the foundations of American society.

The current president of Russia is someone who grew up under the Soviet regime. After witnessing this happening in American society, he gave a sad piece of advice based on the kind of disaster that Russia experienced decades ago…and offered a critique of America’s left-wing ideology.

Cheng emphasized that the CCP pervading American society is, in fact, closely related to American schools and universities. Communist ideology in the 1960s influenced many professors and presidents in the lecture halls of American universities today. 

When the students of this movement became professors, they now also promote leftist culture from communism. This appeasement will affect the resolve of the United States in countering the CCP’s global aggression ambitions. In many cases, when there is tension in Sino-American relations, there will always be some people standing up for the CCP.

Cheng said that it is scarce for Mr. Putin to stand as a witness to convince people publicly about the harmful effects of the US left today. Putin’s entire speech was meant to remind Americans: If this continues, capitalism will collapse.

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