According to NTD, the Uighur Tribunal in the UK had ruled that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committed genocide against the Uighurs and other ethnic minorities in far west Xinjiang province, China.

The Uighur Tribunal is a private court founded by lawyers and human rights experts. This Tribunal considered the testimony of more than 500 witnesses and 40 experts on the Uighur people in Xinjiang. After discussion, on December 9th, the Tribunal stated that the CCP used forms of repression such as forced births, birth control, and abortion to reduce the Uighur birth rate to achieve the so-called “optimization” goal of Xinjiang’s population. The Tribunal said that CCP has the “intention to partially exterminate” the Uighurs, thus the CCP “committed genocide.”

Echoing the conclusions of the United Nations human rights body, the Tribunal said that more than a million Uighurs may have been unreasonably detained and subjected to cruel treatment. These abuses took place under the instigation, consent, and concurrence of CCP officials.

The Uighur Tribunal was established by nine lawyers and human rights experts on September 3rd last year. Although this Tribunal’s ruling is not legally binding, the organizers hope that by publicly presenting evidence of the CCP’s Uighur genocide, the Uighur Tribunal will force the international community to speak up and act.

In response to the Tribunal’s ruling, the World Uighur Congress on December 9th declared that for the Uighurs, this is a historic day.

Dorican Aisha, president of the World Uyghur Congress, said that an independent court had ruled that genocide was committed against the Uighurs, which allowed Uighurs and other survivors from the CCP’s persecutions to speak out.

Dorican Aisha said the ruling is an essential step for the international community to more widely recognize the genocide against the Uighurs, end the ongoing genocide, and hold the perpetrators accountable.

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