NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom lambasted Elon Musk for ignoring human rights abuses committed by the Chinese regime and for opening a Tesla showroom near Xinjiang, the region where the CCP operates concentration camps in which it holds several minorities captive. 

The embattled freedom advocate and whistleblower against the Chinese regime’s atrocities against ethnic and religious minorities made a blunt criticism of the businessman on Twitter. 

Freedom tweeted, “Shame on @elonmusk for supporting the Genocide Shortly after the U.S passes the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act-aimed at stopping slave labor, Elon Musk turns a blind eye to the Cultish Chinese Communist Party’s abuses & has opened a @tesla showroom in #Xinjiang.”

He concluded by saying, “What a parasite.”

Electric car maker Tesla announced this week that it has opened a major showroom in China. Xiao Lu, the company’s head of operations in northern China, announced that the 500-square-meter store in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, is the first step in creating a full sales and service network in the province.

“On the last day of 2021, we meet in Xinjiang. In 2022, let us together launch Xinjiang on its electric journey!” Tesla wrote in the release, which was accompanied by images of an opening ceremony that included traditional Chinese lion dances and people posing with signs reading “Tesla (heart) Xinjiang.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the largest U.S. Muslim advocacy organization, criticized the move, saying Tesla was “supporting genocide.”

The billionaire businessman has on several occasions expressed his allegiance to China’s communist regime. One of these was when he heaped praise on China’s rapid progress toward supposedly sustainable energy, Breitbart reported.

“This is extremely impressive like my hat is off you know you guys rock, so I’ve never seen anything but so fast in my life before. To be totally Frank I’ve seen some crazy things, so you know I think it’s like I really think China is the future,” the businessman said. 

Meanwhile last month during Saturday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” the Boston Celtics center made it clear he would use his tenure to denounce “every dictatorship in the world.”

“And I’m going to get them one by one,” he said. 

“Dictatorships are happening, not just in Turkey or China, but all around the world. In recent years, more than six million Venezuelans have been forced to leave their country and look for a chance to survive. And many of them live now as refugees or illegal immigrants around the world,” the player said. 

He added, “You know, my goal was to not just talk about Turkey or China but all the dictatorships around the world. And I’m going to get them one by one. Because I believe that this platform is given to me by God. And the one thing about me, I’m not scared of anything.”

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